Richmond Public School Fundraiser

In May of 2020,  Aaron Varella and I partnered up to raise money for Richmond Public Schools by selling stickers that I designed. At the end of the campaign, we raised and donated $1,200 to RPS




Aaron Varella

Project Type

Branding, Packaging Design



Why RPS?

𝟑𝟒% of all RPS (Richmond Public School) children lived in poverty in 2017-2018 compared to a 13% statewide. Read that again. 34% in poverty. “But 34%, that’s not that much…” RPS has about 24,000 students. 𝟖,𝟏𝟔𝟎 students in poverty. With that many kids in poverty, funding has still decreased since 2008. ⁣

As a college-educated or even high school educated, you are statistically more likely to be paid more than someone who does not have a degree. Having a college degree and Education although may come with other baggages(loans etc.) but still is a privilege. Being able to wear a mask, work from home, or even read this on the phone is a privilege.⁣

It’s how we use that privilege to help those in need, with resources and talents we currently have. If you are good at something(creatively, business-wise, whatever), you can always use that talent to help someone else.

This campaign was a small way that Aaron, our peers and I could help. Together, we raised money for students scholarship, technology and much more more.

Click here to see the wrap up campaign posts + donation receipts

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